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WellInverter : web application for analyzing reporter gene data

WellInverter is a web application developed in the Ibis group. It implements linear inversion methods for the reconstruction of gene expression profiles from fluorescent or luminescent reporter gene data.

As input, WellInverter reads the primary data file produced by a 96-well microplate reader (Tecan), containing time-series measurements of the absorbance (optical density) as well as the fluorescence and luminescence levels in each well (if available). Various modules exist to analyze the data, in particular for detecting outliers, subtracting background, estimating growth rates, promoter activities and protein concentrations, visualizing expression profiles, synchronizing replicate profiles, etc.

WellInverter architecture

The server part of WellInverter is based on the Python library WellFARE, the computational core of the application. It also provides methods for managing experimental and user data as well as storing analysis parameters in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

The client part of WellInverter is the graphical user interface of the application, working in a web browser. It allows the user to upload, analyze, and visualize the results of a reporter gene experiment as well as downloading the results for further treatment. The client part is written in Javascript, and communicates with the server using Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) calls.

Access to WellInverter

The WellInverter server can be accessed at the following address :


Please contact Hidde de Jong for obtaining a user account or consult the Supplementary Information of the paper submitted for publication for access information.

More information on how to use WellInverter can be found in the tutorial.

The Python library WellFARE, implementing the linear inversion methods on which WellInverter is based, is separately available under an LGPL license at the following address :


Developers of WellInverter

WellInverter has been developed by Michel Page, Valentin Zulkower, with help from Hidde de Jong, Johannes Geiselmann, and Delphine Ropers.


V. Zulkower, M. Page, D. Ropers, J. Geiselmann, H. de Jong, Robust reconstruction of gene expression profiles using linear inversion. Submitted for publication.