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Offer for post-doctoral position (closed)

Modelling and numerical simulation of piecewise linear dynamical systems. Application to genetic regulatory network simulation


This post-doc subject concerns the modelling and the simulation of a class of discontinuous switching dynamical systems, embedded into Filippov’s differential inclusions. The objective is to find a suitable general formalism, and then to derive and study implicit time-stepping (also called event-capturing) numerical methods. The advantage of such algorithms is their intrinsic robustness with respect to the Zeno phenomena (infinite switching in finite time), and also their ability to smoothly stabilize the trajectories on the sliding surfaces. In a second part of the work, the method will be applied to examples of genetic regulatory networks in bacteria, in collaboration with microbiologists. From a general simulation point of view, the proposed simulation method may be considered as in-between pure digital methods (neglecting the dynamics) and pure analogic methods (where the transitions are modelled with a sigmoid function).

One of the objectives of the work is to demonstrate the capabilities of implicit time-stepping schemes when the transition sigmoids are stiff. The numerical implementations will be done on the Siconos platform developed at INRIA.

Skills and profile

The applicants for this one-year position should preferably possess a strong background in applied mathematics, and/or control and analysis of hybrid dynamical systems. In addition, they are expected to have an interest in biological applications. The post-doc will be carried out in the INRIA research teams BIPOP for the numerical part and IBIS for the biological application part.


The post-doc position is offered at INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes in Montbonnot. The research center employs more than 500 people, within 26 research teams and 10 support services.

Monthly salary after taxes : 1 983 € (medical insurance included).

Application and additionnal information

Applications for this position can be made on-line at the website of the INRIA human resource department.

Recommendation letters can be sent separetely from the application file to the following address : recrutpostdoc@inrialpes.fr

Deadline for applications : March 22, 2009.

Contact anf further information :

BIPOP : Vincent Acary or Bernard Brogliato.

IBIS : Hidde de Jong.