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Offer for post-doctoral position (closed)

Learning of dynamic models of cellular regulatory networks


Experimental advances in molecular biology and biophysics have led to novel techniques for measuring cellular processes in real-time on the molecular level. These techniques include gene reporter systems, fluorescence and luminescence microscopy, microfluidic devices, and mass-spectrometry based measurement of metabolites. The new data sources thus becoming available provide a wealth of information for reconstructing the regulatory mechanisms and quantify the interactions that govern many cellular processes. Data is especially promising for what is generally considered as a challenge in the modelling of these processes, namely the identification of both the structure and the parameters of the regulatory networks.

This post-doctoral project in the IBIS group at INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes concerns the development and application of methods for the structural and parametric identification of dynamical models of cellular regulatory networks. In relation with the above-mentioned data sources, several of the following problems will be considered :

-  the choice of appropriate model formalisms (nonlinear and piecewise-affine differential equations, stochastic differential equations, ...) ;
-  the identifiability of the models in the presence of noise and hidden variables ;
-  the design of maximally informative experiments for identification ;
-  the application of currently available methods to selected real-world problems ;
-  the development of novel approaches to the identification of dynamical regulatory network models .

These tasks will be addressed in the context of models and experimental data available through the participation of IBIS in national and European research projects involving collaborations with experimental groups, in particular the laboratory of J. Geiselmann in Grenoble (which is part of IBIS).

Skills and profile

The applicants for this 12-18 months position should possess a background in dynamical system theory, system identification and/or estimation, both at the theoretical and application level. Good programming skills in scientific software packages (e.g. Matlab, Scilab...) are required, along with a basic understanding of numerical optimization and interest in cellular processes.


The post-doc position is offered at INRIA Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes in Montbonnot. The research center employs more than 500 people, within about 30 research teams and 10 support services. The successful candidate will be working in an interactive and interdisciplinary environment composed of computer scientists and control engineers as well as with biologists and experimentalists.

Application and additionnal information

Applications for this position must be made on-line through the dedicated page of the INRIA website. Recommendation letters can be sent separately from the application file. Please refer to the INRIA official website for application deadlines and details of the application procedure.

Monthly salary after taxes : around 2000 € (medical insurance included).

Contact and further information :

Eugenio Cinquemani, Hidde de Jong

Last modified : 2 february 2010