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A short introduction to bioinformatics

This introduction to bioinformatics, by François Rechenmann and Christian Gautier, has been published in the June 2000 issue of the french journal "La Recherche". The text has not been modified, although numerous scientific events and innovations have taken place since its publication.

It has been translated in English by Allison Quayle, at that time a student of Surrey University at Guilford (Great Britain), during the summer of the same year.

You can read this introduction online (see list of sections below) or download the text, complete with figures and inlets.

01. The first genome projects

02. Whole genome sequencing

03. Genomic databases

04. The problem of heterogeneous databases

05. Searching for homology through similarity of sequences

06. Finding genes in procaryotic genomes

07. Finding genes in eucaryotic genomes

08. Inferring gene functions from homology relationships

09. The quest for gene fonction has not yet found an algorithmic solution

10. Modeling and simulating gene interaction networks and metabolic pathways

11. Biological data and knowlege need to be formalized