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  Ibis: Modeling, simulation, measurement, and control of bacterial regulatory networks
    Mountains all around...
    Where are Rhône-Alpes and Grenoble?
Research themes
  Models : Development and reduction of models of bacterial regulatory networks
    More on E. coli model
  Methods : Analysis and simulation of bacterial regulatory networks
    More on qualitative modeling and simulation
  Data: High-precision measurements of gene expression in bacteria
    More on reporter gene measurements
  Publications by year
  Publications by author
Software and databases
  GNA: Genetic Network Analyzer
  ISee: In Silico biology e-learning environment
  Procrustes : Pattern-based property editor
  WellInverter: web application for analyzing reporter gene data
  WellReader: Analysis of fluorescence and luminescence reporter gene data
    Call for partnership
    Gene finding strategy in bacterial sequences
    How to get ISee?
    Interactive lessons
    Introducing the genetic code and the translation process
    ISee copyright notice
    Pattern matching algorithms
    Sequence alignment
    Statistical analysis of DNA sequences
    Overview of GNA
    Installing GNA
    Using GNA
    Copyright notice GNA
News from Ibis
  Initiez-vous à la bioinformatique !
  Internships on the analysis of bacterial regulatory networks: models, methods, and experiments
  Software and database releases
  Papers, books,...
    New Bioinformatics paper
    New Bioinformatics paper
    New Bioinformatics paper published, special issue ECCB 2010
    New Bioinformatics paper published, special issue ISMB/ECCB 2011
    New BMC Bioinformatics paper published
    New BMC Systems Biology paper
    New BMC Systems Biology paper published
    New BMC Systems Biology paper published
    New IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics article
    New IET Systems Biology paper published
    New International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control paper, Special issue on system identification for biological systems
    New J. Comput. Biol. paper published!
    New Journal of Bacteriology paper
    New Journal of Mathematical Biology paper
    New Journal of Theoretical Biology paper published
    New Molecular and Cellular Proteomics paper
    New Molecular Systems Biology paper
    New Nucleic Acids Research paper
    New Physica D paper
    New PLoS Computational Biology article published
    New Research in Microbiology paper
    New Theoretical Computer Science paper published, special issue CMSB-08
    New Trends in Plant Science paper
    Numéro spécial DocSciences
    Numéro spécial DocSciences : Les clés de la révolution numérique
    PhD thesis published at Editions Universitaires Européennes
  Talks, seminars, poster presentations,...
  PhD and Master thesis defenses
    Claire Villiers - L'import de l'adénosine monophosphate cyclique chez Escherichia coli
    Guillaume Baptist - Les réseaux de régulation chez la bactérie Escherichia coli
    Jérôme Izard - Growth control and gene regulation in Escherichia coli
    Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro - Towards an integrative approach for the modeling and formal verification of biological regulatory networks
    Samuel Drulhe - Identification of genetic regulatory networks from gene expression data: An approach based on piecewise-affine models
  Training and job opportunities
  Press announcements
    Acceptance of RESET project
    Sara Berthoumieux wins Ian Lawson Van Toch Memorial Award
  New activities and projects
    Acceptance of RESET project
    Kick-off meeting of ANR project GeMCo
    Reset web site on-line
What is bioinformatics?
  A short introduction to bioinformatics
    The first genome projects
    Whole genome sequencing
    Genomic databases
    The problem of heterogeneous databases
    Searching for homology through similarity of sequences
    Finding genes in procaryotic genomes
    Finding genes in eucaryotic genomes
    Inferring gene functions from homology relationships
    The quest for gene fonction has not yet found an algorithmic solution
    Modeling and simulating gene interaction networks and metabolic pathways
    Biological data and knowlege need to be formalized
  Another, more recent, introduction to bioinformatics (in French)
    La bioinformatique, un dossier du site Interstices
  A series of five papers (in French) published by the Biofutur journal in March 2007
    Editorial of the March 2007 issue of Biofutur journal
    The abstracts of the papers
  A series of five pedagogical papers on bioinformatics
    In silico annotation of genomic sequences
    Biological data and knowledge modeling
    Modelling, analysis and simulation of gene networks
    Comparative genomic mapping in mammals
    Molecular phylogeny and evolution
  A series of nine papers published (in French) by the Biofutur journal in 2005
    Editorial of the January 2005 issue of the Biofutur journal
  Interactive applets to discover some basic bioinformatics algorithms
    Recherche de gènes dans un génome bactérien
    Alignement optimal de deux séquences biologiques
What's new in bioinformatics?